"The most exciting new Bangladeshi talent writing in English."

- David Shook, World Literature Today


"Vividly realized and intricately observed, Goodnight, Mr. Kissinger is a poignant portrait of a city and the characters that live in the wake of great change."

- Tahmima Anam, author of The Good Muslim


Crowded and disordered, the city of Dhaka routinely deals out unexpected blows, setbacks, and isolation as well as success and epiphany to its denizens, some of whom populate this collection of nine stories. The city comes of age over the course of these tales, from its sleepy start as a provincial capital to the great, dysfunctional megalopolis it is today. So, too, the ages of the city are mirrored by the characters of the stories who face youthful challenges to love and ambition as well as more mature pressures and disappointments.


Severed connections and the subsequent longing for understanding and unity are at the heart of this moving set of stories that will resonate long after the last page has been turned. Employing spare but precise language that recalls Naipaul and Coetzee, and vivid evocations akin to Vargas Lllosa and Bolaño, these stories mark the debut of a strong new talent in the burgeoning scene of English writing in Bangladesh.


Published in Bangladesh by University Press Limited

Published in USA by Unnamed Press (formerly Ricochet)

Publisher: University Press Limited (UPL), Bangladesh

Genre: Short Stories/Fiction
ISBN: 978-984-506-117-9
Format: Paperback
Language: English
First Published: 2012

Publisher: Unnamed Press (formerly Ricochet), USA

Genre: Short Stories/Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-939419-04-0
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Published: 2013

US Edition
Bangladesh Edition
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Good Night, Mr. Kissinger

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